Pavel Miller.
Sculptor – art potter.

Pavel Miller was born in Moscow in 1959.

Graduate of the School of Art Stroganovsky in 1982.

Exhibition activities since in 1983.

Member of the Moscow Art Association since 1993.

Laureate of the Russian Academy of Arts.

Regular participation in various exhibitions and symposiums in Russia and world.

Many of his works are in museums and private collections throughout Europe.

Pavel Miller leads in his ceramic workshop regularly in master classes.

His passion is to art ceramics. The basis of the individuality of his works is the perfect tone technique and skill. The Master bends the rooms in his sculptural compositions and uses all imaginable possibilities and scope of ceramic art in his work.

Artist looks back on the familiar life motifs through the prism of the grotesque. The transformation of the round sculpture is deeply symbolic. The plasticity and the flow in the forms of crowned sprue and painting. Fine and delicate elements set additional accents in which they emphasize the main theme of the sculptures. His versatility is also reflected in his creations again. They range from realistic sculptures to philosophical abstraction but each time his figures and objects created with great sensitivity and are of high professionalism.

The creed of the artist: “Talk about the essentials: the good, the friendship and of course the love”.

Pavel Miller strives to portray all his life experience and knowledge of other cultures in his works which in turn confirmed that he personally and permanently committed to peace and freedom.